The Shakti Mat with Sport & Fitness

Acupressure is a form of physical therapy and The Shakti Mat is an easy self-treatment that anyone can do anywhere and any time.

If used before exercise, The Shakti Mat can help excite the nerves and prepare the body for peak performance.

If used after exercise, The Shakti Mat can help aid muscle and mind relaxation (and thus helping to reduce occurrence of injuries) and increase joint lubrication.
We've provided some ideas on how to use your Shakti Mat for sport and fitness below!




Two Steps to ENHANCE your performance

Once you have chosen your target muscle group/area of the body, The Shakti Mat can be used both as a tool to stimulate and rest the muscles.

Before session:                                               After session:

           Shakti Mat Pre-workout Stimulation                        Shakti Mat Post-workout Recovery


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Shakti Mats for Sport & Fitness

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Shakti Mat Sport & Feet
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Shakti Mat Sport & Legs
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Shakti Mat Sport & Glutes
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Shakti Mat Sport & Core
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Shakti Mat Sport & Low Back
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Shakti Mat Sport & Upper Back & Neck
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Shakti Mat Sport & Hands