Shakti Mats with Yoga & Meditation

The Shakti® Mats are the perfect tool to enhance your yoga and meditation practice.  In yoga we often hear the teacher speak about concepts such as "grounding ourselves" and being present and aware. Teachers often direct us to draw our attention "inward" and to notice what we notice.  But what if we have no idea what feelings or sensations we are looking for?  What if we have no idea what it feels like to be grounding ourselves? 

The Shakti® Mat can help draw the mind and focus to areas of the body we are trying to target.  One cannot help but notice the feedback in our body from being on these spikey tools!  With practice, The Shakti® Mat can help us learn to direct our focus to areas and sensations we are wanting to notice.  In this way, The Shakti® Mat can help us learn postural alignment, grounding, balance, awareness and stillness.  Using these mats with your yoga and meditation practice can also help teach the power of a deeper, fuller, more rhythmic breathwork (referred to as Pranayama in yoga). 

Finally, when using The Shakti® Mat, we cannot help but stay focused in the present moment.  Mind chatter is less prominent and our focus is very easily drawn to the sensations of the mat or at least to the intention of calming our mind, breath and body.

Whether you use the mats with your full home practice or just a portion, The Shakti® Mats are sure to help you improve body postural awareness, remain focused in your practice, enhance your pranayama (breathwork) practice, promote detoxification (through increased blood flow) and help promote energetic flow.


We've provided some ideas on how to use your Shakti® Mat with your yoga practice below...


Here's what to do:


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