"After using the mat this past month, there is a slight somewhat painful learning curve as you must train your body to embrace the acupressure sensation, but the trade-off is quite special. Used exclusively on our tired lower backs after typing reviews all day long at our desk, we found just 20 minutes a day on the mat relieved our tired old bones and simply alleviated any pain or tightness we were experiencing. Some of our team also swear by the mat’s uncanny ability to help put them to sleep due to the deeper relaxation felt." 

One Cut Reviews, Toronto Canada (click here for the rest of the review


“I love my Shakti® Mat above all else.  I'm always looking forward to the evening when I'm allowed on my mat, and I even take it on weekend trips ... The whole body area is flooded with heat and then it just feels great ... In short: The Shakti® Mat has become an integral part of my daily life.”

Kara-Leah Grant - Lead author on "The Yoga Lunchbox" and author of "Forty Days of Yoga" and "The No-More Excuses Guide to Yoga"


"I loved being able to touch the wonderful Shakti® Mat.  I've used it while standing up at home and meditating at home.  And after my yoga practice I like to lie on it.  I can only recommend it: It is an effective remedy that calms and de-stresses while gently stimulating the body.  I'm a fan!"

Jason Bennett - Bestselling author, health researcher and international speaker


"As an acupuncturist, I find that The Shakti® Mat is extremely helpful to many of my patients, and it is a great tool for athletes to stimulate blood circulation before and after competition, as well as for muscle recovery.  If you suffer from insomnia or stress, I recommend sitting on The Shakti® Mat for 10 to 20 minutes before sleeping."

Kate Roberts - Lecturer at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture


"Ideally, I use my mat in the morning, after exercise, or in the evening before sleep, so I store it next to my yoga mat so it's handy after the session, and I either lie on my back or place it under my neck and head - it's totally addictive (laughs), it's a bit of a head massage, but it feels pretty damn good and after that you're really much more laid back!"

Sophie MacKenzie - 2014/2015 world champion in the lightweight double scull rowing  


"... 15 minute Shakti® Mat thing I’ve been doing puts me in the most relaxed state that when my head hits the pillow I actually want and DO fall asleep. #winning 

I’ve also been waking up feeling way more rested. Deeper sleep also for the win. 

My Shakti® Mat night time thing has also helped my back pain, and my fave is DEFINITELY rolling it up behind the neck, headache and neck pain BE GONE!..."

 Carla from Merry Maker Sisters (click here to read full article)


"... I've found The Shakti® Mat quite addictive, using it behind my neck and shoulders while watching TV and standing on it to sooth sore feet. (While this feels amazing afterwards, it's excruciating at the time, given your entire body weight is focused on a smaller surface area. That's probably why The Shakti® Mat recommends just 2-5 minutes for feet) I've even tried resting my stiff achilles on the rolled-up mat after running and high-impact workouts. I don't know if it's just psychological, but I really do feel better as a result..."

As reported on News Talk ZB (click here to read full article)