The Shakti® Mat with Sport & Fitness

Acupressure is a form of physical therapy and The Shakti® Mat is an easy self-treatment that anyone can do anywhere and any time.
If used before exercise, The Shakti® Mat can help excite the nerves and prepare the body for peak performance.
If used after exercise, The Shakti® Mat can help aid muscle and mind relaxation (and thus helping to reduce occurrence of injuries) and increase joint lubrication.
We've provided some ideas on how to use your Shakti® Mat for sport and fitness below!




Two Steps to ENHANCE your performance


Once you have chosen your target muscle group/area of the body, The Shakti® Mat can be used both as a tool to stimulate and rest the muscles.

Before session


Shakti Mat Pre-workout Stimulation Infographic


After session

Shakti Mat Post-workout Recovery Infographic


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The Shakti® Mat for Sport & Fitness