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This page is full of FREE videos with tips, tricks and mini-education about the potential benefits of your Shakti Mat and as well as short Shakti Tips to help you use your mat to its' fullest potential!

There are many different ways to use Shakti Mats both for acute and maintaining general wellbeing sessions as part of your regular regime. 

Generally speaking, we recommend using The Shakti® Mat for a minimum of 15-20 minutes per target area as needed. 

There are also many different variations to use to increase or decrease the sensation while in each position.  Generally speaking, there are a few key ways to decrease or increase sensation on the mats without needing additional products.  A few core concepts are listed below:

To Increase Sensation:

  • Add more weight
  • Include movement
  • Balance (ex: on one foot, on head, on hands, etc…)

To Decrease Sensation:

  • Place Shakti® Mat into a polyester pillowcase or place a polyester sheet over the spikes
  • Take weight out of the body by using support or modifying position (ex: instead of standing, sit)
  • Place The Shakti® Mat over soft surface (like a pillow or bed)

You will find that there are other variations specific to the area of the body on the mat so your imagination will come in handy when thinking of additional variations based on the core concepts listed above.

Click the photos to download our guide containing helpful information and tips on how to get the most out of your mat!


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