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Shakti Mat Canada Community


We love our community and we feel so proud to say that our growing Shakti family includes some truly amazing and inspiring people! Community and connection is everything and in today's society, it can be difficult to find those who share your same values and interests!


We are so grateful for all who come into our world and especially those who feel called to being a part of our tribe! Here your will find our inspiring and truly talented Shakti Mat Canada Ambassadors. Feel free to follow them on social media or connect with them if you want to know more about what they do!


Christine Couture - Dance Teacher & Yogini

Shakti Canada Ambassador - Christine Couture

Connect with Christine:
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From a very young age, Christine Couture has always been a dynamic, creative and versatile dancer. Specializing first in contemporary dance, Christine completed the Professional Contemporary Program from The School of Dance in Ottawa in 2011 and for the past four years, has been specializing in urban dance styles as well. Since then, she has been working across Canada as a teacher, choreographer, performer and stage manager.    

Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work with amazing teachers and choreographers such as Sylvie Desrosiers, Yvonne Coutts, Peter Boneham, Susie Burpie, Anik Bouvrette, Sasha Ivanochko, Emmanuel Jouthe and Sylvain Émard.
  At the beginning of her career, Christine started by working with contemporary dance company Tara Luz Danse from Orleans with who she had the opportunity to perform and tour with twice in Northern Ontario. She has also been fortunate enough to perform and work for some amazing events and festivals in North America such as the Canada Dance Festival, Escapade Music Festival, Burning Man Festival, Festival de danse en milieu scolaire (FDMS), Nuit Blanche, Dance by Youth for Youth and a variety of improvised performances in the streets of Ottawa as part of the Dancing in the Streets company of The School of Dance.  For the past four years, Christine has been working with the Luv2Groove Dance Education Company as a full time dance teacher where she has taught in hundreds of English and French schools in different provinces of Canada. Currently, Christine is touring in school boards, visiting different schools every week and dancing with thousands of kids across the country every year!


Eileen Cruz - Holistic Life Coach & Founder of SpaceBetween.Life, Yogini, Actor, Writer

Ambassador - Eileen Cruz

Connect with Eileen:

Eileen made a commitment 14 years ago to put self-care on the top of her list after a wake up call that forced her to turn her focus inwards. This led her to study yoga and meditation, and along the way, caught the acting bug and is currently working as an actor in Vancouver. She's also in the process of co-writing her first short film.
This past summer she launched a coaching business and blog at www.SpaceBetween.Life to share what she discovered from her inner journey. Eileen is passionate about guiding people to come home to themselves by connecting to their bodies. She’s an advocate of self-love and embracing the extraordinary that lies within us. 
Over the years she has created a simple process of bringing body and mind together through a quiet practice that regulates the nervous system to rest and digest. She has discovered that our true creative power, purpose and voice can only emerge when the body and mind are given the space to calm down...the greatest act of self-love. 
Recently Eileen met Nicole (Co-Founder of Shakti Mat Canada) who introduced her to this amazing mat. The benefits of the Shakti Mat were evident to Eileen after her first use and now includes the Shakti Mat in her daily practice and with her work with coaching clients. The mat’s 6,000 points have a powerful way of expediting the connection between body and mind. 
Eileen is certified through the Coaches Training Institute in Northern California and also completed their yearlong Co-Active Leadership Program. Last month, she became an Ambassador for Shakti Mat Canada and completed the Shakti Mat Teacher Training. She will be offering workshops soon. Stay tuned!
Eileen combines her experience in coaching, leadership, yoga, meditation and acting in her work with clients with the mission to reconnect them to their deep well of quiet amazingness…that they can FEEL in their bones.



Fernando Visca - Software Engineer & Yogi

Shakti Canada Ambassador - Fernando Visca

Born and raised in Italy, Fernando left his native country in 2012 for what was supposed to be a short experience to complete his engineering postgraduate studies in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He ended up completing his Masters degree and then traveling to and living in several different continents until his arrival on Canadian soil to join the Shakti Canada Lifestyle Movement - and his wife too.

Fernando now lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada after moving from beautiful New Zealand where he was a cyclist, yogi, and occasional software developer for a multinational software company. It was in New Zealand that Fernando fell in love with his now wife and Shakti Mats - not necessarily in this order. After a full day of stress and discomfort accumulated in the office, his back finds relief on the Shakti Mat (orange is his color of choice, as you can see from the picture)and he has become a huge advocate for the benefits of regular Shakti Mat use! For Fernando, The Shakti Mat has become the perfect compliment to cycling, yoga and sitting in an office and he loves sharing just how much it has changed his life!