History of Acupressure

Indian man laying on an ancient bed of nails

Acupressure is a complimentary therapeutic approach, its origins reaching back to the ancient traditions of both Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. Acupressure is the use of manual pressure to stimulate specific points along the body.

Reaching back to around 5,000 years ago, the Chinese and Indian healers understood that pressing certain points on the body can, not only relieve pain, but also benefit other parts of the body more remote from the area of discomfort and the pressure point1 itself. Pain may have been the start of this form of healing but eventually adapted when the understanding that organ function (both the physical and energetic function

There have been several pilot studies done with The Shakti® Mat and other acupressure mats and many of these scientific studies are confirming the documented effects from The Shakti® Mat users’ experiences.


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1  Ilza Veith, trans., The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1949). An ancient Chinese medical text.