The Shakti

The 1st & Original Textile Acupressure Mat

Our Why

Shakti Canada's Mission

Everyone in the world owning and using an acupressure mat, taking charge of their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  We are committed teaching everyone, no matter what acupressure mat design they have, how to use the it as a powerful tool and metaphor for life and using the experiences on the mat to help enhance their experience and help promote mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We are committed towards empowering others to find balance and create inner feeling of being connected and strong, no matter their mental or physical constitution (and having fun while we are doing it).

We are dedicated to sharing our passion for offering an opportunity for others to experience and discover their true power, which comes from a place of inspired choice.

Shakti Canada's Vision

To live our Shakti. This means:

We are Open & Honest in Our Communication – We nurture a culture of active listening, clear, open communication born out of respect, truth and kindness for each other and ourselves.

We operate with Transparency & Integrity – We communicate internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty and respect. We encourage balanceand we honour our commitments. 

We Are Committed To Our Communities – We act as responsible corporate citizens by broadening our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our communities and protecting the environment. A commitment to building a strong, unified, global community.

Collaboration is Key – We celebrate the wins, knowing that together we are stronger. We deliver more success through shared goals and we seek, accept, and offer mutual support. We work with our partners, other businesses and other organizations to support mutual growth and success.

Shakti Canada's Values

Nurturing a culture of active listening, clear, open communication born out of respect, truth and Kindness for each other and ourselves

Honouring our commitments

We celebrate the wins A commitment to building a strong, unified, global community

Encourage balanceSeek, accept, offer support


The Shakti Canada Story


The Shakti Canada Story

Shakti® Acupressure Mat Canada is owned and operated by long-time friends and business partners Stephanie and Nicole. We are two Canadian-born loyal Shakti® Mat enthusiasts and together we lead Team Shakti Canada! 

Before launching The Shakti® Mat brand business in Canada, we spent 20-odd years each working in various careers from the typical office-based position to yoga studio teachers. After several career changes each, we realized that our life could only be fully lived if we set out to finding a means of working for ourselves. With a world to explore and so many possibilities waiting for us, the time was now!Craving a lifestyle change, we decided to switch gears once again career-wise and take on a new heart-based venture together with a foundation in our values and our passions.  In 2017, we launched Shakti® Mat Canada and we are excited for the journey that lay before us!Our reason for choosing The Shakti® Mat over other acupressure mats is simple; we both value giving back to our community in an ethical and sustainable way and both of us feel called to help heal and uplift the vibration of all who come into contact with us. We love the growing community around our growing Global Shakti Family of fellow business owners. We value being part of something greater than ourselves and genuinely collaborating in a working relationship that inspires change, empowerment and support

There are two main factors that helped make our decision to launch Shakti® Mat Canada a no-brainier:

The Shakti® Mat brand directly supports a charity factory in India (whereas other brands only support 3rd party charitable organizations, if any at all).The global Shakti® Mat Team vision is to bring together all Shakti® Mat business owners as a collective to support and unite each other as a global collaborative lifestyle movement. 

We hope to inspire and empower all those who come into contact with us and with The Shakti® Mat brand with tools, teachings and inspiration for leading a life full of wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

We are here to create momentum with the Shakti Lifestyle Movement!

Nicole Du Guay Visca


"I found The Shakti® Mat while living in New Zealand. After 8 years as a Flight Attendant, I needed a drastic lifestyle change and thus sold my belongings and set out on a trip around the world with no plan and no timeline for my return. Along my journey, I fell in love with New Zealand.

I decided to make New Zealand home in 2014 and while establishing my Yoga, Reiki, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching business, I met the owners (George and Jona) from Shakti Mat NZ at a Holistic Expo we both had booths at.  From the beginning I was intrigued by the mats and the more I got to know Team Shakti NZ (they're fabulous by the way!), the mats (thanks to the gift of my first Shakti® Mat from my dear friend Emily) and myself through my daily Shakti® Mat practice, the more passionate I became about using and promoting them.

I became an Ambassador for Shakti® Mat NZ in 2016 and gradually began teaching classes and workshops on the mats.  I also started “prescribing” them as homework to my clients, both in clinic and my yoga students.  This is where I learned was just how powerful and life-changing these mats can be!

There is so much depth to these amazing mats (read more here) and my passion for helping others find their power, their voice and a deep love for themselves, drove me to continue to offer classes, workshops and now teacher trainings, to help reach more people and teach about the powerful benefits that may be possible from daily Shakti® Mat sessions. I’ve become an avid advocate for self-empowerment and firmly believe that all of us have the ability to heal so much of what ails us if we just take time to listen deeply and care for ourselves on every level (body, mind, spirit, & emotions).

In 2017, a very dear friend of mine, Steph and I discovered we had a mutual passion for The Shakti® Mat (and really Acupressure Mats generally).  As I had already taken the first steps towards launching Shakti® Mat Canada, I asked her to be partners on this amazing venture and we've been committed and an amazing team ever since!  It is not only amazing to be working with a close friend but also that our values and vision is amplified as we share the same.  

I am passionate about supporting the global wellbeing lifestyle movement through nourishing and supporting all aspects of our being (body, mind, emotions and spirituality) and The Shakti® Mat is the perfect tool for this!"

Stephanie Rose


"I've been living on the West Coast of Canada for the past 10 years. I'm a Reiki master, yoga teacher, and folk herbalist. I work to embody the teaching of the Rose by encouraging people to embrace both strength and softness in their lives. Through my work, I help connect people to the wisdom of the body the Earth, and their innate joy, wildness, and vibrancy.

Yoga came to me as a way to help heal my body and I soon fell in love with the depth and clarity that the practice brought. I learned to connect, and hold myself accountable in a way I never had before. I learned about the profound wisdom of the body and it's capacity to release, let go, heal and forgive.

I was introduced to The Shakti® Mat at such an important transition in my life. I was going through emotional and physical burnout and taking time off to recharge, heal and reflect. My dear friend ( and now, business partner) Nicole, brought me a Shakti® Mat.

The first time I stepped on the mat was physically and emotionally uncomfortable and I instantly heard my mind racing and coming up with all the reasons I needed to step off the mat. There was something more happening here! I stayed with it. Every day I explored The Shakti® Mat, sometimes for 3 minuets, sometimes for 30. And now I can say, what I have learned from the mat, the relief I have felt, has been profound. For me, The Shakti® Mat is the perfect metaphor for what's going on in our body, mind and spirit. It's my go-to practice when I need self care, reflection and nourishment.

I am passionate about community, self care, and balance. I cant wait to share The Shakti® Mat with all of you!"

~The Original Acupressure Mat Design~


Shakti® Mat Germany joined the movement in 2016, with Stephanos and Glynn heading the team there taking Germany by storm in just a few short months! This helped inspire Shakti Mat European Union to take flight in 2017.

Shakti® Mat Canada launched in 2018 with Nicole and Stephanie heading the team there and being the first to design and implement an official Shakti Mat Ambassador program and an Official Teacher Training program for workshop training leading the way to include a community outreach sector as a large part of their business model. They soon enhanced their Partner Program offerings to include an improved Ambassador program as well as the addition of an Affiliate program.