Company Information

Shakti Logo with Om Symbol before and after
The Shakti® Mat is the original and first textile acupressure mat brought by Om Mokshananda from India to the West in 2005. Since then, there have been many imitations, but none have the same core values ​​as The Shakti® Mat.


Shakti Canada's Mission

Everyone in the world owning and using an acupressure mat. We are committed teaching everyone, no matter what acupressure mat design they have, how to use the it as a powerful tool and metaphor for life and using the experiences on the mat to help enhance their experience and help promote mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We are committed towards empowering others to find balance and create inner feeling of being connected and strong, no matter their mental or physical constitution (and having fun while we are doing it).

We are dedicated to sharing our passion for offering an opportunity for others to experience and discover their true power, which comes from a place of inspired choice.

Shakti Canada's Vision

To live our Shakti. This means:

  • We are Open & Honest in Our Communication – We nurture a culture of active listening, clear, open communication born out of respect, truth and kindness for each other and ourselves.
  • We operate with Transparency & Integrity – We communicate internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty and respect. We encourage balance and we honour our commitments. 
  • We Are Committed To Our Communities – We act as responsible corporate citizens by broadening our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our communities and protecting the environment. A commitment to building a strong, unified, global community.
  • Collaboration is Key – We celebrate the wins, knowing that together we are stronger. We deliver more success through shared goals and we seek, accept, and offer mutual support. We work with our partners, other businesses and other organizations to support mutual growth and success.


Shakti Canada's Values

  • Nurturing a culture of active listening, clear, open communication born out of respect, truth and Kindness for each other and ourselves
  • Honouring our commitments
  • We celebrate the wins 
  • A commitment to building a strong, unified, global community
  • Encourage balance
  • Seek, accept, offer support


The Shakti Canada Story

Shakti® Acupressure Mat Canada is owned and operated by long-time friends and business partners Stephanie and Nicole. We are two Canadian-born loyal Shakti® Mat enthusiasts and together we lead Team Shakti Canada! 

Before launching The Shakti® Mat brand business in Canada, we spent 20-odd years each working in various careers from the typical office-based position to yoga studio teachers. After several career changes each, we realized that our life could only be fully lived if we set out to finding a means of working for ourselves. With a world to explore and so many possibilities waiting for us, the time was now!

Craving a lifestyle change, we decided to switch gears once again career-wise and take on a new heart-based venture together with a foundation in our values and our passions.  In 2017, we decided to embark on our Shakti® Mat Canada venture, and we are excited for the journey that lay before us!

Our reason for choosing The Shakti® Mat over other acupressure mats is simple; we both value giving back to our community in an ethical and sustainable way and both of us feel called to help heal and uplift the vibration of all who come into contact with us. We love the growing community around our growing Global Shakti Family of fellow business owners. We value being part of something greater than ourselves and genuinely collaborating in a working relationship that inspires change, empowerment and support

There are two main factors that helped make our decision to launch Shakti® Mat Canada a no-brainier:

  1. The Shakti® Mat brand directly supports a charity factory in India (whereas other brands only support 3rd party charitable organizations, if any at all).
  2. The global Shakti® Mat Team vision is to bring together all Shakti® Mat business owners as a collective to support and unite each other as a global collaborative lifestyle movement. 

We hope to inspire and empower all those who come into contact with us and with The Shakti® Mat brand with tools, teachings and inspiration for leading a life full of wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

We are here to create momentum with the Shakti Lifestyle Movement!


The Shakti® Mat Brand's Story

~The Original Acupressure Mat Design~


The first Shakti® Acupressure Mat design was born in 2007 from Yogi Om Mokshananda in Sweden, hailing the early beginnings of Shakti Mat Sweden and leading the way for all other acupressure mat designs to follow!

In 2008, The Shakti® Mat turns from having some euphoric users to become a movement among the Swedish people and by 2009, more than 10% of the Swedish population owned a nail mat (spike mat) and The Shakti® Mat is chosen both as "the product of the summer, 2009" and "the Christmas gift of 2009".

The Shakti® Mat extended its reaches out through the world in 2010 as "The Mother" to all acupressure mat copies. It is flattering to see that the Shakti Mat has inspired a whole world to take advantage of the effects from nail mats! Other Shakt®i Mat global business partnerships launched in various countries around the world during this time, such as Italy, Mexico and the UK.

By 2015, Shakti® Mat New Zealand took off, with Jona and George heading the team there and becoming the first to welcome ambassadors into the business model, leading the global Shakti® Mat movement! Their great success helped Shakti Mat New Zealand gain momentum and continue to expand to launching Shakti® Mat Australia.

Shakti® Mat Germany joined the movement in 2016, with Stephanos and Glynn heading the team there taking Germany by storm in just a few short months! This helped inspire Shakti Mat European Union to take flight in 2017.

Shakti® Mat Canada officially opened online in 2018 with Nicole and Stephanie heading the team there and being the first to design and implement an official Shakti Mat Ambassador program and an Official Teacher Training program for workshop training leading the way to include a community outreach sector as a large part of their business model. They soon enhanced their Partner Program offerings to include an improved Ambassador program as well as the addition of an Affiliate program.