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In 2007: The Shakti® Mat was born from Yogi Om Mokshananda in Sweden and Shakti Mat Sweden is launched.

In 2008: The Shakti® Mat turns from having some euphoric users to become a movement among the Swedish people.

In 2009: The success is a fact! More than 10% of the Swedish population own a nail mat (spike mat) and The Shakti® Mat is chosen both as "the product of the summer, 2009" and "the Christmas gift of 2009".

In 2010: The Shakti® Mat reaches out through the world! As "The mother" to all copies. It is flattering to see that the Shakti Mat has inspired a whole world to take advantage of the effects from nail mats! Other Shakti Mat global businesses are starting to show up such as Italy, Mexico and the UK.

In 2015: Shakti® Mat New Zealand takes off, with Jona and George heading the team there and becoming the first to welcome ambassadors into their business, leading the global Shakti Mat movement!

In 2015: Shakti® Mat Australia is born as Shakti Mat New Zealand gains momentum and continues to expand.

In 2016: Shakti® Mat Germany launches with Stephanos and Glynn heading the team there taking Germany by storm in just a few short months.

In 2017: The Shakti® Mat expands further to include the Shakti Mat European Union.

In 2018: The Shakti® Mat Canada launches with Nicole and Steph heading the team there and being the first to design and implement an official Shakti Mat Ambassador program and an Official Teacher Training program for workshop training.


The Shakti® Mat Charity Factory


Shakti Factory in Varanasi, India


Shakti® Mat is the original and first textile acupressure mat brought by Om Mokshananda from India to the West in 2005. Since then, there have been many imitations, but none have the same core values ​​as Shakti® Mat. 

We take pride in our corporate social responsibility by investing directly into the community that produces the Shakti® Mats. We do this through a charity operation where our Shakti® Mats are made, the temple factory in the holiest city in India - Varanasi. Perhaps the oldest city in the world, where the sacred fires have burnt for thousands of years, we integrate devotion and work. The temple factory is built according to Vastu Shastra, which is the origin of Feng Shui, to fill the temple with harmony. All employees are women and we support them with good salaries, good working hours, good working conditions, meals and holiday pay. We also provide emplyees and their families with free health care and maintain a clean and happy working environment. Each mat sold directly supports these women and provides jobs they would not otherwise have.





 Each employee yogini, has been initiated in Mantra Yoga. Through rituals and mantras to the Divine Mother Shakti, The Shakti® Mat is created. "Shakti" means the Goddess of infinite compassion and love. The Shakti® Mat is not only produced to work on the physical plane, but is created in awareness and compassion, so that every cell of the user vibrates in harmony. Our intention is to create harmony for everyone that comes in contact with The Shakti® Mat, from all stages in creation, all the way to the consumer.

  Shakti Mat is the only acupressure mat on the market developed by a Vedic-trained massage therapist. All in all, Shakti® Mat offers you quality, longevity, sustainability and social peace!


Shakti Mat


All our mats are organic cotton, natural plant dyes and high quality foam.We use non-toxic, fully recyclable ABS plastic (the same plastic Lego is made of) for the spikes. This is a hard and durable plastic that keeps the spikes sharp through many years of regular use.



You are helping more people than you probably realize!
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Our business mantra is that everyone who comes in contact with a
Shakti® Mat gets a little bit of good from it.

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