Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado-Mats-Shakti Mat Canada
Woman holding Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Woman lying on back on Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Person standing on Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Indian Women cutting fabric to make Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat Rolled up-Shakti Mat Canada
Attaching plastic spike to Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado-Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Close up of spikes on Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Woman with one foot on Shakti® Mat Original ~ Avocado Mat-Shakti Mat Canada
Indian women from Shakti® Gratitude Charity Factory where all products are made-Shakti Mat Canada

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We're so excited to share the Shakti® Mat with you! 

Various forms of acupressure have been around for thousands of years. The Shakti® Mat is the first of it's kind to lead the movement towards easy self-treatment at less than the price of a massage!

The Original Shakti® Mat has over 6,000 points and is perfect for most people.

  • Ethically made by hand in India
  • 100% Certified Organic cotton & natural dyes
  • Recyclable, durable ABS non-toxic plastic

As the original acupressure mat design, The Shakti® Mat has been designed with care and attention to not only the design but also the quality of the materials used.

We have taken time and consideration into not only the number of points (more than 6,000) but our discs are also positioned in a geometrical fashion that is designed to precisely target points on the body. Our discs are made from strong, durable and non-toxic ABS plastic, which is the same plastic used in Lego, so the points won't wear down like less durable types.

Each Shakti® Mat is created with love and care and are fabricated in our Shakti-owned Charity Factory in India, where we employ women, who are paid fair wages, are given fair working hours, food, a safe and happy working environment and access to medical care. Every Shakti® Mat purchased directly supports these women, creating and sustaining jobs they wouldn't otherwise have. We use organic cotton, sewn together by hand and treated with non-toxic dyes. The beautiful designs are hand printed onto each mat one by one, and every disc is placed on the mat by hand as well, so a lot of love and attention goes into making each mat!

As a Canadian-owned and operated business, Shakti Mat Canada also strives to give back to our community further by supporting local charities and collaborating with local businesses to help each other thrive. We are passionate about creating a community, not just selling products to the masses.

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Aaron W.
Canada Canada
Love it

Amazing product

Catherine P.
Canada Canada
Migraine Assistant

While I have only had the Shakti mat for a few days, I have found my scalp, neck and shoulder muscles more relaxed.

Shakti Mat Canada

So amazing! We’re so happy it’s helping you so much! Thank you for sharing your experience :) ~ Team Shakti

cody L.
Canada Canada
A pleasant surprise!

Definitely need to have an open mind, I am taking my time in getting used to it but everytime I have stood on with bare feet I am astounded the circulation boost in my feet and legs! It really goes all the way up! First time isn't instantly comfortable, but daily practice builds up to a really nice ritual.

Shakti Mat Canada

So good!! This is a very common experience so thank you for sharing! We're so glad you gave it a chance and now experience the benefits from a daily practice!! Enjoy your mat :)

Michael r.
Canada Canada
Great purchase

First time I tried it it hurt like a mafaka, the second time was much better and last night I used it for the third time and fell asleep on it for about 30 mins. It relaxes me so very much and my back feels way better after just 3 uses. I cant wait to see how good I feel after using it for a few weeks.

Shakti Mat Canada

Haha we love this! Hopefully you're continuing to experience some good feels! :) Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Happy Shakti-ing!

Danuta S.
Canada Canada
Used 5 Times Now

I’m still easing myself into ways to use my mat. Love lying on it in bed (against bare skin). Also like rolling it up for occipital area. Can’t stand on it for long, yet if I put a pillowcase over it isn’t stimulating. It’ll take me longer to accustom myself. I noticed a UK site mentions it comes with a booklet showing how women can use it lying face down. My mat came without a booklet.

Shakti Mat Canada

Thanks for leaving a review! We are so excited to hear you're loving your mat and that you've figured out the best way to support and encourage yourself to use it! Great job :) We have a brochure too but here in Canada we are trying to be as paperless as possible so our brochure is digital. You can download it here (scroll to the bottom of the page!):


The Shakti Acupressure Mat can help support:

Why choose us?

We believe people and community come first

We take pride in our corporate social responsibility by investing directly into the community that produces The Shakti® Mats. We do this through a Gratitude Charity Factory in India, where our Shakti® Mats are made, and by supporting local charities and collaborating with local businesses to help each other thrive.


Could not be without my


The overall experience was amazing. You kept me informed right through to the delivery. Total 110% service and would highly recommend. I absolutely love my Shakti Mat. I use it everyday Thank you so much

Shelley B.

Is it magic?

Great! Surprisingly comfortable. For fun, I shared the mat around my office, and at first touch, everyone felt like "it would hurt". Once I got people to actually try it, I think every single person was very surprised by how it made them feel. The good kind of tingly! Thanks, Shakti!

Steve B.

Design with purpose

it's Not just a mat



read more



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