Understanding Your Experience on The Shakti Mat

Understanding Your Experience on The Shakti Mat

August 09, 2018

Shakti Mat Canada Different Sensations


Do you find yourself relating your Shakti Mat experience to the photo on the right more or to the photo on the left? To be honest, from day to day you may float from one side to the other. Some days, we just feel more sensitive than others.


If you find your sessions on The Shakti Mat challenging, you can learn cope with and master your experience on the mat so you get the most out of your investment and enhance your efforts towards your welbeing.


Shakti Mat Calm


During your sessions, pause on various areas of the body and guide your thoughts to supportive and productive ones.  For some of us and even sometimes from session to session, the experience on The Shakti Mat is extreme so it is important to support yourself through your experience.


Below you will find some examples on where to draw your awareness to be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of the mat more deeply:

  • Focus on keeping your breath calm and rhythmic; notice the sensation of breathing and does it affect the sensations of The Shakti Mat?
  • Focus on sensations, such as heat, tingling, pulsing, throbbing, sharpness, pressure, etc...
  • Can you feel the pressure points of the body into the spikes?
  • Remind yourself of the potential benefits of using The Shakti Mat
  • Use a self-coaching “mantra”; for example, “There are many benefits of this experience”, or “I can do this calmly and relaxed”, or “I am in complete control” or "I am safe and can feel my body relaxed."
  • Remind yourself it’s ok and normal to feel challenged on this particular spot
  • Try different variations and reduce the intensity if you need to, such as place a polyester sheet over your Shakti Mat or place your mat over a soft surface
Shakti Mat Canada Calming


There are also things that you can draw your awareness to that will help enhance your experience as well.  Some examples of this are:

  • Notice the self-talk that is going on; is it helpful and supportive or dramatic and destructive?
  • Notice whether or not you are holding your breath; take gentle but full breaths
  • Notice if a tendency to react or “panic” is taking place and invite yourself to breathe more deeply to help calm the mind; tell yourself you are safe and remind yourself of the many benefits you may experience


In taking time to use your Shakti Mat sessions to help you learn how to navigate and direct your train of thought, you can begin choosing more productive and supportive thoughts and effectively make your sessions even more beneficial to you, both on and off The Shakti Mat. This powerful training ground translates over time into more graceful navigation of real world experiences that may challenge you.


Get the most out of your Shakti Mat and use it to train yourself into a self-empowering support session and become master of your life experiences!

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