What's in a Name? The Story Behind Shakti (śakti - शक्ति)

If you've read some of our other blog posts (read them now!), you'll know now that The Shakti® Mat is more than just an acupressure mat. It's a lifestyle; a way of living that is anchored in a foundation of uplifting and empowering others. But have you ever wondered what the name 'Shakti' actually means?


Shakti Goddess
In Hinduism, Shakti is the Goddess of Primal Energy (image credit: https://detechter.com/). The concept of Shakti refers to sacred force or empowerment. The ancient, fundamental cosmic energy and is the representation of divine feminine creative power.

It manifests outwardly as physical nature and inwardly as communion with Source Energy, Spirit, Source or Divinity.

The power of Shakti can be observed daily all around us; witness the awesome force of a rushing river for example. Harnessing this power by means of a dam, we are able to utilize this powerful energy in the form of electricity as it flows through to our communities; allowing us to experience the power of Shakti within our homes.

Beyond this observable physical power of Shakti lies
something much more subtle;

Shakti Creativity
Shakti as the intrinsic creativity at the heart of all living things. She’s the life force energy behind your breath, your heartbeat, and the power behind your muscles and firing of your neurons. She's the abundant influence behind all creative invention, pursuits, talents, inspiration and passions.
She's the heart of creativity.
Despite these more obvious or tangible aspects of Shakti, there’s one that remains more covert; until it is awakened. An inner aspect of Shakti that governs our spiritual growth and evolution. This awakening of our inner Shakti has a natural evolution that requires time, patience and comitment. Like the physical growth of a baby into adulthood, the evolution of our consciousness requires nurturing, attention, patience and time. Effort. persistence and consistency are necessary. The old adage “use it or lose it” that is often referred to muscles and brain cells, yet also applies to our spiritual muscle as well.

Shakti Gift
But here’s the reward: once harnessed, our inner Shakti can empower any practice we apply ourselves too.

Yes, ANY practice.

The Shakti Mat was created and carefully designed with the intention to ignite these qualities of Shakti energy and offer the user a way in which to learn how to harness this inner power that resides within all of us.
The stimulation of the spikes activates the currents within our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Where stagnation may be residing - creating illness, pain and discomfort - The Shakti Mat can help reestablish the flow of nourishment and life force energy through our entire system, promoting healing and helping to reestablish harmony.

Through regular use, we learn to become more embodied, present and empowered. We become more aware of disharmony, which prompts us to take notice so we can consciously intervene and take steps to reestablish balance.

Shakti Girl
Physically, the nervous system is stimulated from the points of The Shakti Mat, initiating improved circulation. The warmth we feel as a result of using the mat is evidence of this increased circulation, delivering fresh, nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to the area while also clearing out toxins and cellular debris.
Energetically, acupressure points on the body are stimulated as we press into or lay on The Shakti Mat, allowing the spikes to activate and move energy through these channels (or ‘meridians’). The pulsing and “movement” sensations we feel are evidence of this energy channel activation, allowing the flow of ‘Chi’ (or ‘Prana’) or energy to move more freely. This is important as stagnant or trapped energy is believed to be at the root cause of all disease, illness and discomfort in the body.
Mentally and emotionally, we are stimulated by the sharpness - and other sensations to varying degrees of intensity - while using The Shakti Mat. This is important because it allows us to take notice of our reflexive emotional response to a stimulating experience. Chances are great that how we react on the mat (retreat, dramatize, fixate on a sensation - which simply intensifies it - panic, etc...), especially the first time or on the more sensitive parts of the body, is how we respond in life when we experience similar emotive experiences there and thus instill a similar reaction from us.
Rest Shakti GirlFrom this perspective, we can then use The Shakti Mat as a tool to help us reprogram our default responses to difficult situations into more consciously supportive and effective ones, allowing us to gain more calm, clarity and command of our emotions.

Through mastering our emotions, we step into our power and claim mastery over our experiences - meaning, experiencing more joy and freedom as we gradually no longer feel that we are at the mercy of our emotions or experiences, nor are we at the mercy of others' behaviour, expectations or perceptions of us.


Powerful stuff!

Shakti Women
To further deepen this concept of Shakti and harnessing feminine energy, at the Global Shakti Mat Gratitude Factory where each mat is made, dyed and assembled by hand, we hire only women empowering them by providing work that is both safe and meaningful and which also allows them to participate in their roles within their family circles as well.

Shakti Canada Girls
Taking it further still, Shakti Mat Canada is owned and operated by two strong and empowering women dedicated to serving and uplifting others. Founders Stephanie and Nicole are active in their communities (both in-person and online), offering Reiki, Yoga, Holistic Nutritional and Herbal healing services, workshops, trainings and classes (among other offerings), retreats and more, in order to help educate and uplift others.
So as you can see, the name 'Shakti' has deep meaning that thoughtfully reflects the concepts and intentions behind the business, the people and the mat itself...

The Shakti Mat is more than just an acupressure mat, it's a lifestyle that embodies divine creativity, abundance, inspiration and empowerment, both of self and of others.

From production to the consumer, the Shakti Mat Team is striving to empower and uplift the world; one mat at a time.
~ With Love,

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