The difference between a Sensation and a Feeling/Emotion


Did you know there is a difference between a feeling and a sensation?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a sensation and a feeling is? 

Until I started using The Shakti® Mat and began to notice my experience, I didn't realize this distinction either.  In the beginning it was difficult to separate the two but given time, you too can learn to discern between them to help enhance the mental and emotional benefits of using your mat regularly.

There is a big, yet subtle difference between a feeling and a sensation.  Learning to distinguish between the two will help you overcome the initial reaction to the stimulus and help you learn to recognize that you can teach yourself to master the reaction and be better able to choose your Shakti® Mat experience.



Feeling is an emotional state that makes us aware of our situation. Psychologists believe that feelings are often very subjective. Feelings generally play a huge role in how people behave and interact with the world around them. They can be influenced by the memories, personal experiences, and beliefs that people have. Feelings are not external and are mostly a reaction to emotions. Feelings usually last for a longer period of time.

Examples of feelings are pain, fear, anxiety, the urge to retreat, panic, etc...



Sensation refers to the process in which information is taken and interpreted by the brain with the assistance of sensory systems (sight, taste, touch, smell, sound). In order to transfer information, the sensory systems consist of sensory receptors located throughout the connective tissue (fascia) throughout the body. These receptors are able to identify the stimuli and convert them into electro-chemical neural impulses that can be interpreted by the brain. A sensation is mostly external as it is received by our senses. Sensations can change rapidly.

Examples of sensations are heat, tingling, pulsing, pressure, spiky, etc...



So the next time you settle in for your Shakti® Mat session, pause and notice what your default focus is; are you focused on the sensations or on the emotions of your experience?  If you use your Shakti® Mat sessions to teach yourself how to manage your thoughts and choose to redirect your focus from the emotion of the mat to the sensation, you will notice that you are better able to relax and receive the benefits of these amazing tools!


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