I practice Reiki Energy healing quite a bit. Over the years, I have seen many different people from all walks of life, all coming to see me for different reasons and seeking relief from different woes. If you’ve even had an energy healing session of any kind, you’ll know that sometimes your body’s response to clearing, releasing or transmuting unknown energy “blocks” or “kinks” is often to laugh or cry. It still saddens me sometimes when my clients persist in apologizing for shedding tears during their session with me. Emotions come in many different forms and many of us seem to be afraid of feeling any of them.


Once upon a time, I felt the same way. I used to put on a front of stern held-togetherness, never crying as that would indicate that I’d broken in some way.  No, I needed to appear strong and steady, so no one would ever dream of trying to hurt me. This is what I see every day and very often in the people that walk through my clinic door.


No one taught me that there’s a purpose to emotions. But there is. Emotions give us valuable insights into our deepest desires; desires that sometimes we don’t even realize we have yet. A negative emotion like fear, worry, or anger tells us that there is something going on that we do not want. Perhaps it is a situation, a decision, a thought about someone else that isn’t true, or even a thought about ourselves that isn’t true. The point is, knowing what you DON’T want helps you isolate and very clearly identify EXACTLY what you DO want.


Think of your emotions as guidance, like the rumble strips on a highway. When you veer too far off course, the rumble strips help you know that you simply need to correct your direction and come back to your path. From the perspective of emotions, when you experience negative emotions, all that is telling you is that you are focused on the problem, not the solution.  For more information on changing perspectives when dealing with challenging emotions, read my recent blog Working Through Chronic Stress Anxiety Depression.


So the next time you are experiencing a difficult emotion, stop and as yourself “what is it that I dislike so much right now?” From there, you can flip around the perspective to more easily identify what it is you’d prefer and from here, adjust your focus and perspective. Remember, everything is always working out for you.


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